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How to Handle Synthetic Urine for a Successful Drug Test

If you are a regular drugs user, your prospects of successfully passing a urine test might be low. Medical experts approximate that it takes roughly a month to clean up your bloodstream. People who smoke weed once will have to wait for a week before they deliver a urine sample free of the traces.

There are several tips that one adopt when passing a piss test when under pressure. You can get crafty and try to use some helpful tips once you get introduced to fake urine, you can be assured of instant results.

What is Fake Urine?

Comprised of a pre-mixed liquid created in special labs, it has all the chemical elements that can be found in real urine. The fake urine resembles real urine in pH, composition and gravity among other characteristics. Each sample of fake urine contains two ounces of the urine solution that is good enough for urinalysis. In the event that the sample got altered during the test, the pH level and gravity readings will be similar to that of normal urine resulting in rejection of your sample.

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Usage of Synthetic Urine

To avoid arousing any suspicion on your urine sample, maintain it at room temperature. Start by placing it in a microwave for roughly ten seconds. This heats your urine sample to just under 100 degrees. Remove the heating pad from its container while breaking off its ingredients. This then activates heat-producing chemicals.

Maintaining the urine sample at room temperature is very important. If it comes out as too hot or cold, it will be rejected, and the individual concerned will get into trouble for suspected cheating. Another drug test will be administered immediately. Occasionally heating under the bottle containing fake urine will see the fake urine bottle stay within the right room temperature.

Concealing the Synthetic Pee

Synthetic urine is quite easy to conceal as it can be stored in a small plastic container which can be hidden. At times, an individual is physically checked when going for a urine test to ensure they do not bring with them any foreign material that might jeopardize the authenticity of their urine sample. In such a situation, you can buy special devices that allow you to hide the urine right under your clothes.

When pouring the fake urine into the test cup, do not spare a second. Remember, once it’s poured, temperature loss takes place fast. Rest assured that the synthetic urine smells and looks exactly like regular human urine. Provided you play your cards right, it will fool any technician.


Anyone can be skeptical about their chances of success when trying to use crafty means to hit their target. So this is understandable. It is important to note that not all types of synthetic urine can be detected in drug tests. There are those that fail to work completely. Always be prepared.