Shoe buying tips

Walking is our primary locomotive and given that we have come to fully rely on shoes, it is important to ensure that you get the best ones. Walking is always advice, as it plays a great role in ensuring that we stay healthy and promote environmental friendly means of transportation. However, if you are looking to have comfortable and productive walks, you have to make sure that you invest in shoes that are well built and offer a comfortable fit. Unlike following trends and fashion, there are other important considerations to make especially if you are conscious about promoting the health of your feet. Below are some tips to help you get the best shoes.

Considerations for getting the best shoes

Flat is always good

Naturally, our feet are designed to walk on a flat surface,laslnvlsdklvnlksadvlknsadvsadv
but due to design and fashion, we have seen people choose other styles and in particular for women, shoes that have very high heels. This kind of shoes is known to have adverse health effects that are severe even to the spinal code. Therefore, if you care about the health of your feet, make sure that you invest in flat shoes, and leave the heels for special occasions. Flat shoes are comfortable and will make it possible for you to walk comfortable and fast.

Arch support

With the rate of flat feet on the rise, it is evident that everyone should start wearing shoes with proper arch support. Flat feet is usually a congenital condition, but since humans start wearing shoes at a very early age, it inhibits the development of the arch. To counter this, especially for children, it is best to get shoes that have arch support. You can also invest in after market arch support to make your shoes feel more comfortable.

More space for your feet

Naturally, when you walk, your feet move around in your shoes, making tightly fitting shoes dangerous. If you wear tight appropriate shoes, you will often get blisters on your feet, a result of the friction between your feet and the shoes. You have to make sure that you find shoes that are spacious and feel comfortable.


Ventilation is always important, and to make sure that you get the best shoe experience, make sure that you get ones that are very well ventilated. Ventilation helps keep the feet aerated, and prevent bad feet odor, a common problem that many people struggle with. Take your time in choosing shoes and pay attention to ventilation.