moving to a new place

Four Must-Know Relocation Tips

Relocating to a new address, a new home, can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Imagine the worst scenario. You’re already on a van with all of your stuff, a hundred miles away from your previous residence, but then you just remember you leave your beloved cat behind. If not appropriately planned, relocating can be disastrous. And luckily for you, you come across this article! Here are four tips that can help your relocation way easier and mistake-free. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Mover

moving with a vanEven if you are on a tight budget, you should still think of this suggestion as an option. First reason, a professional mover can save you from the risk of hurting yourself with lifting heavy stuff. Second, they often offer a guarantee or insurance to protect your belongings while moving. If anything is broken, it will be redeemed. But how can you get an excellent relocation service?

First, pick five or seven services from Google search. Then, you should find out whether their customers are satisfied with their service or not. For example, a review of this man and a van company has made it clear that the company should be on your list if you are a UK resident. 

Second, ask in detail regarding the vans, trucks, or whatever vehicle is used in the service. Make sure that the one arrives at your door is the same as the one offered to you during the negotiation stage. It is not uncommon for movers to trick their customers with a much lower-quality van. Therefore, don’t pay the service in full before the job is done. 

Declutter Your Belongings Days Before the Relocation

The rule of thumb in relocation is never to declutter while you relocate. You should get it done three or five days before your moving vehicle arrives. Also, if you want to make some money, you can even sort your goods and open a garage sale before you move. That extra bucks will certainly help you, you know? Or, you can donate the stuff you won’t need anymore in your new house. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that you cannot cut your loads. Bring only 60% of the stuff you currently have. 

Sort Your Belongings by Categories

boxes for movingThis step may require some thinking because some items may not have a clear cut category. But don’t you be bothered with that. The ultimate goal here is to put all your belongings into containers using a system that will help you to unpack them later. As long as you remember which is which, you’re good to go. But even that, putting labels on the boxes that can assist you in identifying what’s inside will surely be helpful. 

Take Before-and-After Photos of Your Most Fragile Belongings

If you have some delicate art pieces or precious items, it’d be better if you take photos of them before they are loaded to the truck. If you move with a professional mover, those photos will help you notice if any items are broken during the trip. If you move by yourself, they can help you know which ones are broken and which ones are not.